Divorce is Awesome

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DIVORCE IS AWESOME inspires with experiences so absurd they teeter on the comical. It eliminates the idea that divorce is a fail and empowers you to choose joy. This book reads like a conversation with a regular person, a woman’s experienced viewpoint, not an expert in the field regurgitating the same expected advice. I am dedicated to proclaiming the awesomeness of divorce, focusing on how all the challenges lead to so much better.

To disentangle myself from my husband and ensure my children’s safety, I went to court twenty-eight times. Social services visited my house twenty-two times and county child protection workers interviewed us an additional five times. My ex filed false reports against me for trespassing, harassment, and breaking and entering. Police showed up to interrogate me at the dentist’s office for taking my kids to their appointments. 911 was called to report Facebook posts I didn’t make. My vehicles were impounded for my ex’s DWI convictions. All this stemmed from divorcing an alcoholic firefighter diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Divorce is not a fail. Divorce is a solution to a problem and an opportunity for a better life. I didn’t enjoy people responding with “I’m sorry” when they heard of my divorce. Congratulations are more deserved and the appropriate response to new beginnings. I ran into a man at a hardware store whose smile grew when I told him I was going through divorce, because he saw opportunity (and eventually became my second husband). That’s what divorce is, an opportunity for something new to develop, something better than before.

During the twenty-four years my ex and I were together, I didn’t recognize the strength and resilience hiding within myself. That newly found determination would carry me through the next five years of post-divorce ridiculousness, while I tried to get my ex to maintain a decent relationship with our four boys. I often represented myself through legal battles in four different court divisions. All the while my ex, under oath, alleged that I wielded mind control over the judge and law enforcement. A teacher by profession, I wish I did have those powers. Mind control or not, I realized through my experiences that I am amazing, and divorce is awesome!

Let my experiences guide you and inspire you. Walk with me on my journey that led up to my decision to divorce. Learn how to navigate the court system and what you need to document to be prepared. Laugh and cry at my stories. Most importantly, make decisions that make you a better person. You are in charge of your own happiness, so eliminate negativity and live joyfully!

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