Drug Gang

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Drug Gang
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“Definitely a great read for crime fiction fans!” Unlimited Book Reviews

“The twist at the end caught me so off guard. Very well written.” Goodreads

Drug Gang is the heart-stopping & unputdownable bestselling crime thriller.



What would you be prepared to do to have everything you ever wanted? How far would you go and where would you draw the line?

These are the questions facing John Kennedy, a young man with a mysterious past from Belfast - Northern Ireland, when he arrives in Manchester in the summer of 2001 and finds the sinister but exciting world of drug gang The Brotherhood…

This twisty urban crime thriller takes us into the violent underbelly of organized crime in England in the early 2000s and contains drug dealing, robbery and vengeful murder.


“Breaking Bad meets John Wick. The chief protagonist in the series is Belfast-born, morally malleable anti-hero John Kennedy who gets sucked into the murky underworld of the lucrative drug scene.” The Irish Post

“John Kennedy is a character who is alive to the many, many readers who have followed his story.” The BBC Arts Show

“John is like a Bryan Mills, John Wick, kind of hybrid, but he is a true hard man in his own right.” Alex J Book Reviews

“Highly readable combination of lean prose, tight plotting and wince-inducing ultra-violent mayhem…daringly near-the-knuckle.” The Irish News

“Do you like violent movies like John Wick? Then pick this book up!” Briar’s Reviews

An absolutely gripping thriller that fans of DON WINSLOW, STIEG LARSSON or MARTINA COLE won’t be able to put down.

“This book is a tour de force. It’s a massively cool, urban, dark, powerful, disturbing and shocking book. It’s got its Quentin Tarantino vibe, you think Natural Born Killers, Reservoir Dogs, there is talk of John Woo, and his style is also all over this book. This should be made into a movie.

If you have any love for the 90s, for the music of that time, for the drug culture and the movies, get this book. I need the next 2 parts in the trilogy right now!” Alex J Book Reviews

“An interesting and refreshing read. Not for the fainthearted and if you’re ready to dive into the crime world, so be it.” One Word Too Much

“Dark, moody and atmospheric. Compelling read from a fantastic new author!” Amazon

“The storytelling really caught me. Definitely worth a read!” Iridescent Books Blog

“Thoroughly enjoyed this well written book, the style of writing allowing me to become easily immersed in the story.” Goodreads

“Fantastic ending and I will definitely be wanting to see where this goes from here.” Amazon

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