28th October 2019

  • Embedded Goodreads Reviews to book pages.
  • Added Large Social Media Share buttons at the top of the book pages.

21st October 2019

  • Fixed missing Amazon link on ‘The Rising Stone’ book page.
  • Increased the font darkness throughout the website.

20th October 2019

  • Added more books.
  • Changed ‘Related Books’ heading to ‘More Books’.
  • Moved synopsis from the side of a book cover image to a larger space below for improved readability.
  • Added a link to the Author’s Twitter profile on Book pages.
  • Added a Romance sub-genre: Gay & Lesbian.
  • Increased the front-page top section book limit from 6 to 9.
  • Added translator to the sidebar to support multiple languages.
  • Altered the genre cloud to change font sizes depending on the volume of books in the genre.
  • Social Media Share and Like buttons added to the footer of book pages.
  • Implemented DISQUS comment system on book pages.
  • Changed Archive Title and Books menu title to Library.
  • Added reactions to book pages.

18th-19th October October 2019

  • Created and designed the website.
  • Style and coding to improve the user experience.
  • Incorporated book information data.
  • Books appear at random irrespective of popularity.
  • Minor tweaks.