FREE eBooks For a Kindle

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I read and hear so many complaints about the expensive cost of buying physical books. Online stores charge excessive postage fees etc. The biggest gripe for me personally when considering a physical book is being able to find what I’m looking for in the shop. Aside from recent releases and best sellers the selection becomes scarce. The alternative, of course, is to search online. Then the postage cost has to be taken into account. In most cases, a digital version of a book is cheaper than a physical copy as there are no production costs to cover.

Physical printed books aren’t dying out. There will always be readers that prefer a physical book and enjoy browsing bookshelves for their next read. If a book is a masterpiece then it’s worth grabbing a physical copy to marvel over.

eBooks are available immediately upon purchase. There’s no need to wait for delivery or go on a shopping trip to find the book on a shelf. Fancy a book? buy and read within seconds. eBooks are incredibly convenient. Not only are they often cheap, but some are also FREE. Sometimes books which are £10 or more in print. It doesn’t cost anything to an author/publisher to provide a digital book for free. It’s a useful marketing tool to get readers interested in an author. Entice them to want more and buy their next books. Everyone wins, apart from the die-hard physical book readers. There won’t be a free printed book on offer.

The amount of free books that are available is staggering. Considering the cost of the Basic Kindle or even the Kindle Paperwhite, deduct the value of a free book in physical form. Eventually, the eReader has paid for itself. Not a bad investment. The books I’ve grabbed for free haven’t been of reduced quality. The writing style, skills, and plot are as good as any other authors. Some are modern releases whilst others are classics. There’s something for everyone from kids to adults and romance to thrillers.

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