Kindle Paperwhite (2018) Review

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As mentioned in our WHICH KINDLE TO BUY IN 2019? article; the Kindle Paperwhite reigned supreme. It’s a wonderful device that packs premium features into an affordable product.


The Kindle Paperwhite 4 is slightly more expensive than the Basic Kindle but more than twice as cheap as the premium Kindle Oasis. It sits in the middle, closer to the Kindle Basic for the price but right near the Kindle Oasis for features. It really is a marvellous e-Reader.

Similar to the Kindle Oasis there are numerous options for the Kindle Paperwhite 4; £119.99 for 8GB model, £149.99 for 32GB and £219.99 for 32GB 4G & WiFi. Frequent sales can be found on the Amazon Store with prices dropping by around £20.


Holding and feeling the Kindle Paperwhite for the first feels firm and quality to the touch. Not quite as premium as the expensive Kindle Oasis as it’s only made with plastic and a rubber rear. In comparison, the Kindle Oasis has a glass panel screen with a metal rear. The rubber back has a really nice feel. The basic Kindle feels terribly cheap and delicate but I wouldn’t be worried about dropping the Kindle Paperwhite. It feels robust enough to cope with any mishandling and portable to fit in a pocket for convenient storage.

The screen is a flat panel display which makes the device feel like a tablet rather than a cheap e-Reader. Thanks to the 300PPI display, text clarity is perfect. Every letter and word is pristine. It’s easy on the eyes and makes reading enjoyable.

Navigation is fast and responsive. There’s no input lag or slowdown. The touch screen is responsive and accurate. The only downside to the Kindle Paperwhite is the lack of page turning buttons. Had it been a feature then the Kindle Paperwhite would be almost perfect. It’s a nice size to hold, not too heavy and convenient to take anywhere. As it’s not incredibly expensive the fear of damaging it or it being stolen isn’t so worrying.


Hurrah for waterproofing. The Kindle Paperwhite is IPX8 waterproof, providing submersed water protection at up 2 meters and 1hour. More than enough to keep the device safe in rainy conditions, the odd splash and reading in the bath. This wonderful feature really bridged the gap between the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis. The only benefit of owning the Kindle Oasis is the upgrade from a 6″ screen to 7″, metal casing with glass panel screen and side buttons. The Oasis does have a slightly faster CPU but smaller battery which is a negative. In fact, the Kindle Paperwhite’s battery has 50% higher capacity for longer reading between charges. It’s less common to find the Kindle Oasis on sale. It sticks strongly to the £229.99 price point for 8GB and £259.99 for 32GB. That’s twice as expensive as the Kindle Paperwhite. The gap is even wider when the Kindle Paperwhite is on sale.


It’s impossible to dismiss the Kindle Paperwhite as the best Kindle e-Reader in-terms of value for money. I’ve gone back and forth in my own mind debating which one I prefer between the Paperwhite and the Oasis. If they were both the same price which would I choose? Whilst the Kindle Oasis does have the page turning buttons and larger screen, I prefer the portability of the Kindle Paperwhite and it’s larger battery capacity. The Oasis seems too delicate and too valuable to risk taking it outside let alone reading on it. The Paperwhite is versatile, and reading is a joy with incredible text clarity. At its price point, it’s a steal and a no-brainer. You’d be mad to opt for the cheaper Basic Kindle, the extra cost really is worth it for the Kindle Paperwhite.

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