Kindle Unlimited vs Audible Audiobooks – What’s the difference?

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Kindle Unlimited vs Audible Audiobooks – What’s the difference?
Amazon is the de facto go-to online store for books – digital or physical. The written word or audiobooks. Whilst purchasing the content outright is an option, subscription services provide a vast library of books for a reasonable monthly contribution. Amazon offers a selection of books as a perk for Amazon Prime members. A Kindle Unlimited subscription provides a march larger library of books to read – including audiobooks. Then there is an Audible Audiobooks subscription to consider, another Amazon subscription service which sole focus is audiobooks. It can be rather confusing. Each offering has a free trial to test at no cost, and are easy to cancel anytime.

Kindle Unlimited

A Kindle Unlimited subscription provides immediate access to millions of eBooks. Though the latest books don’t tend to be included there are some amazing books to choose. Amazon Prime personally opened up Mark Edwards to me. An amazing Thriller writer. More of his books are available to read via Kindle Unlimited. This is the same for so many authors. The book selection is huge.

Cost: £7.99 per month

Kindle Unlimited Perks:

  • Huge selection of eBooks, Magazines and Audiobooks.

    Over 1 million books, thousands of audiobooks and a rotating selection of magazines.

  • No reading restrictions.

    Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening.

  • Read on any Device.

    Download books from the Kindle app and read on Kindle, Mobile devices and Computers.

  • Audible

    Each month of an Audible subscription provides a single token to redeem any audiobook from the Audible library. Audiobooks redeemed during a free trial and from any subscription period remain yours to KEEP even after the subscription has ended. A single months subscription is cheaper than purchasing some of the audiobooks outright. For instance A Game of Thrones audiobook costs in excess of £20. Using your token adds the audiobook to your library to keep forever.

    Cost: £7.99 per month

    Audible Perks:

  • FREE audiobook(s) each month.
  • As a member you get one or more credits every month, depending on your membership plan – good for any title regardless of length or price. Choose from Audible Originals, celebrity performances, and more.

  • Audible books redeemed are yours to keep forever.

    When you purchase an audiobook, it stays in your Audible library forever – even if you cancel.

  • Audiobooks can be swapped during a subscription period.

    Members can exchange audiobooks at any time and choose another.

  • Access to discounted offers on a daily selection of audiobooks.

    Up to 80% off selected audiobooks with Daily Deals.

  • A selection of free podcast audioshows.

    Unlimited listening to original, short audio programmes, documentaries and serialised dramas, as well as a selection of exclusive podcasts at no extra cost.

  • Unused monthly audible tokens can still be used months later.

    Still deciding on your next audiobook? Members can keep their credits to use the following months.

  • Listen Anywhere.

    Always pick up where you left off. You can start listening on your phone and finish on your Echo.

  • Overall

    Both services have their benefits. Kindle Unlimited is a jack-of-all-trades offering a comprehensive library of various formats from eBooks, Audiobooks and Magazines. The library is huge with over 1 million eBooks. It’s worth noting though that if you end your subscription none of the content will be yours to keep. All-access will be revoked.
    Audible’s only focus is audiobooks. The audiobook library is much larger and the books redeemed for free are yours to keep forever, irrespective of whether your subscription is still live. Using both in unison would yield an unprecedented library of content at a combined cost of just over £15 per month. Something to consider for serious bookworms. Either way, make the most of the free trials on offer for both and try each service for yourself.