A City Without Pity

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A City Without Pity
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He doesn’t want revenge. He isn’t motivated by anger, greed, or jealousy. He wants more from his victims, much more. More than money, more than sex, more than their physical suffering. He wants their souls. Claiming one new victim a week, the Slayer has the city living in terror. Each new week, the vigil begins anew. The Slayer, lurking in the shadows, the city in fear and the police frustrated. All wait for the new victim, the next companion of the Slayer to be chosen, to be taken. With few clues and even less evidence, the police struggle to identify the Slayer. Their efforts are complicated by a leak within the FBI, unrelenting pressure from the Mayor’s office, a missing victim, a copycat killer and the appearance a bloodthirsty vigilante. As time runs out, the detectives race to piece together the clues, complete the profile, and save the next innocent victim. With help from the crime lab, a few strands of hair, a drop of blood and a failed drug test, the police are closing in. Innocent lives hang in the balance as the investigators work feverishly to stop the killer stalking his prey in A City Without Pity.

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