Built for Trouble

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Built for Trouble

Joe made Katy’s best friend’s life hell when they were at High School, but even then, there was still something that always drew her to him. When they start seeing each other at a local café where they both go for lunch, and share a table to, ‘save space’, they get to know each other as adults, and they like what they see.
When Joe asks Katy out for dinner, a date is set. One that neither of them ever saw coming. Especially given their past, but sometimes things happen for a reason. The draw to one another is electric and unrelenting …. unforgiving.
When Joe explains his reason for giving her best friend so much grief, something even more shocking is revealed in the process.
Can their relationships survive all the pain and grief that these revelations cause? Will love win in the end? The love between a man and a woman. The love between friends?

Built for trouble is book two in the built for love series. It is recommended they be read in order.


“Excuse me, but can I grab my shoes please?” Joe asks. I realise then that I’m between him, his shoes, and his escape out of my house.
“Why?” I ask him. I want to know why he’s suddenly ready to leave me standing here in my underwear and heels.
“Why? Because I want to put my shoes on and they’re behind you.”
“No. Why do you need them? Why am I standing here in my underwear and heels while you’re dressed and ready to run out the door like nothing was happening a couple of minutes ago?” I take a shuddering breath, but don’t give him the chance to answer yet. “I mean I know talking to mother on the phone was a bit of buzzkill, but it was only for a few minutes and I’m more than sure we can get back to where we were before she called. I silenced the phone, so even if she tried to call back, we won’t hear her now.” I sound desperate. I am desperate. He has me so wound up and ready for him and he’s finding it so damned easy to walk away from me tonight.
“It’s not that we were interrupted or who you were talking to Katy. It’s what you said to them that means I need to leave. We’re not going to work, you know it, and I know it, we were just kidding ourselves that anything could happen between us.” Joe takes a deep breath while closing his eyes and shaking his head like he’s trying to clear it. “I’m sorry Katy, but I have to go, and to do that I need my shoes. Please.” He looks at me finally and his face is full of regret.
Well, I’m not going to be anyone’s regret and I’m glad we didn’t go any further. I never thought I’d be grateful to get a phone call from my mother, ever. I step around him and grab a large cardigan I have resting over the back of the couch and wrap myself up in it. Shielding myself from him, from the pain and shame.
“I’m sorry Katy, this isn’t how I wanted tonight to end.” He steps towards his shoes and slides his feet in them. “In fact, all I wanted was to take you out to dinner and get to know you.”
“Well, then you shouldn’t have come inside my house, Joe. You should have walked away just like you’d planned and then none of it would have happened and you wouldn’t be regretting being here with me.” I step out of my heels and walk past him to open the door, so he can leave.
“I don’t regret being with you tonight Kathryn.”
Wrapping my cardigan around my body tighter as I say, “You should leave now Joseph.”
“I’m sorry Katy…”
“Yeah, I know you’re sorry. Goodnight Joseph.”
“Goodnight Katy.” He says and then he’s walking out my front door, closing it quietly behind him as he goes.
I pick up my shoes with the intent of putting them away, only to throw them at the closed door in frustration.

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