Dagger & Deception

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In the world of magic oceans, nations are warned of a great danger posed by a queen named Victoria. She is the descendant of an ancient empire known for its horrific cruelty and now possesses a tiara that can control the thirteen oceans to bring deadly storms. The many suns are still aligned, so the inferno continues to burn, preventing the mysterious artifact from unleashing destruction. Despite this, no one can find the woman to kill her in her time of weakness, because of a web of deception woven by the empire’s ancient matriarch. Under the cover of swamps and forests, a blood-craving witch wields a cursed ruby dagger, using it to make others undead. She gradually raises her own army, intending to capture the tiara for her master. A rumor circulates suggesting that Victoria is hiding on an island in the darkest of oceans. In fact, a powerful illusionist lives there, murdering the wealthy and stealing their riches. When mercenaries and armies of empires arrive on the island in search of Victoria, a warlord tricks all sides into battle and declares his intention to rule everyone. The challenge then rises to an epic level when Taesa sings enchanting songs to discover hidden truths and ends up unleashing a fiery horror upon the world. The Chronicler, Judith, records many of the events, learns of a hidden castle filled with secret knowledge, and is faced with a peril that tests her faith in a higher authority.

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