Drug Gang Takedown

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Drug Gang Takedown
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“What a finale…I couldn’t put it down. The plot twist hit me right in the guts. All in all – damn. An action-packed ending for an action-packed series.” Iridescent Books Blog

Drug Gang Takedown is the utterly unputdownable bestselling crime thriller and the mind-blowing conclusion to the Drug Gang Trilogy.



John Kennedy, the former drug dealer turned gangland vigilante from Belfast – Northern Ireland, returns to Sydney to collect the money he is owed, to start a new life. Despite his best efforts to leave the drug world in the past, he quickly finds himself caught in the middle of the biggest drug war in Australian history…

The highly anticipated conclusion to the bestselling Drug Gang series sweeps us along at breakneck pace on a roller coaster ride through the organized crime underworld of Sydney – Australia in the early 2000s and contains vengeful murder, vigilante justice and killer twists. This is an absolute must-read for crime fiction enthusiasts.


“Kennedy deploys his finely-honed martial arts skills and twin .45s-wielding marksmanship to entertainingly explode his way out of trouble – at times literally. Gritty and gripping.” The Irish News

“John Kennedy is a character who is alive to the many, many readers who have followed his story.” The BBC Arts Show

“More tight spots for John! This book, like the previous two, is a real page-turner. I couldn’t put the book down, anxious to see how he handles himself this time!!” Amazon

“John is like a Bryan Mills, John Wick, kind of hybrid, but he is a true hard man in his own right.” Alex J Book Reviews

“I couldn’t help but really root for John and the rest of his gang, up against some truly impossible circumstances.” Goodreads

An extraordinary thriller that fans of DON WINSLOW, STIEG LARSSON or MARTINA COLE won’t be able to put down.

“Drug Gang Takedown is an epic finale to the Drug Gang series, and boy does it not disappoint! This book takes it to a whole new level. It’s one crazy ride; you’ll never want to put it down. The plot twist, the ending… it was well worth the wait, that’s for sure! Neil Walker has crafted one excellent trilogy!

I would recommend reading the full series to get the full impact of this book. I think it could standalone, but I wouldn’t want any readers to lose out on the ever-expanding universe Neil has created. I’d highly recommend it if you’re wanting to pick up some R-rated reads in your future!” Briar’s Reviews

“It’s an edge-of-seat roller coaster ride through the dark domain of organized crime. Murder, mayhem and a few drugs.” The Irish Post

“This book is an absolute Powder Keg. Neil Walker writes violence with such a savagery and verve. There is a monster twist in this one, which dropped my jaw! This final part is another full on punch straight in the throat. It’s loud, it’s brutal, it’s brash, it’s chaos, it’s absolutely marvellous! The pacing is lightning quick, the story never lets up as Neil Walker ratchets up the tension to John’s last shootout at the O.K. Corral.

Powerful, Shocking, Frantic, I have massively enjoyed reading this combustible gangland trilogy, the drugs, the violence, it’s been pure rock and roll, and I’m glad Neil Walker brought it to such a great end. If you’re a fan of British gangster classics, John Wick, Bryan Mills, Tarantino, John Woo, then read these books, sit back, strap in, and be entertained.” Alex J Book Reviews

“This author is amazing at capturing the essence of big time gang life.” Goodreads

“If you liked the first two novels then you will love this, the series finale. This third book sees more twists and turns and trademark explosive action.” Amazon

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