Lost Tides

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Lost Tides

With one small fall, seventeen-year-old Sally Abeneb’s life changes dramatically. After a series of tests, she is sent to a special doctor who tells her she has just awoken her elemental powers. Confused and separated from her parents she tries to navigate a new school filled with other young elementals, some whose parents are involved with a secret organization trying to rule the world and enslave regular people.

Sally finds out she may be destined to either stop the darkness from taking over or be consumed by it. With help from her friends and a secret note, she finds her way to the water elemental palace where she must help stop a curse from taking over in order to get them to trust her.

With the secret organization following her every move, she learns how to make her powers appear unremarkable while still learning how to control them to keep from falling into their hands or worse, becoming like them. It’s a balancing act that she has to perfect or her life and her parents are at risk.

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