Which Kindle to Buy in 2019?

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Choosing which Kindle to purchase can provide a headache to those trying to compare the various models. It’s no easy feat that’s for sure. There are so many similarities between each model as you look through the range from basic to premium. Recognising what you require and understanding budget limitations will help greatly but the choice still won’t be easy.


The time had come for an eReader upgrade. I’m already ingrained within the Kindle ecosystem. Purchasing anything other than an Amazon product wasn’t a consideration of mine personally. For me, it HAS to be a Kindle. I’ve adored the one I’ve had for close to 10 years. The 4th generation Kindle which has stood the test of time without any issues. The side buttons to navigate back and forth between pages is a must for my comfort and pleasure. I never liked the newer Kindles through the years. With the buttons removed my interest waned and I simply stopped looking at the Kindle product range.

The 4th Gen. Kindle was beginning to show it’s age. The battery still holds strong which is a miracle in the current technological era. The lack of backlight has always been a bain of contention, but now E-Ink blotches are becoming more persistent. They are permanent, and currently, three marks are present. The fear of more appearing finally pushed me to consider a new Kindle purchase.

Payment Options

Amazon in the UK (and other countries) allow ‘some’ customers to purchase their own range of products – Kindles, TV Sticks, Echo & Fire HD Tablets etc. on a 5 monthly payment plan. There are no credit checks and payments are interest-free. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase monthly or the entire sum at once the overall cost is the same by the end. Paying monthly does make even the most expensive product more affordable or at least attainable.

Kindle Range

The Kindle products are so similar but yet so different at the same time. The choice isn’t simple but it all depends whether you’re looking to follow logic or your heart. It’s a situation I’ve been contending with myself. The recent Kindle Basic 2019 Edition now includes a 4 x LED front light. This is now the standard feature of a Kindle and makes the decision to own a Paperwhite difficult for people on a budget. Then again the Paperwhite is somewhat similar in features to the premium model Oasis 2. The dilemma of choice is real.

Kindle Models

Kindle Basic (aka Kindle 2019) – 4 x LED frontlit, 6″ touch screen, 167 PPI glare-free display, plastic Bezel, 4GB storage.

Kindle Paperwhite (aka Paperwhite 4) – 5 x LED frontlit, 6″ touch screen, waterproof, bluetooth, plastic flat panel, 300PPI glare-free display, 8GB & 32GB Storage options.

Kindle Oasis (aka Oasis 2) – 12 x LED frontlit, 7″ touch screen, waterproof, bluetooth, glass flat panel, back & forward page buttons, auto-adjusting light sensors, aluminum body, 300PPI glare-free display, 8GB & 32GB Storage options.


Rather than bore you with the finer details of the Kindle products (I’ll do separate in-depth reviews on each product later). From my use of each product and witnessing my 9-year-old daughter also use them, I’ve come to an informed conclusion.

I initially purchased an Oasis 2 for my personal use and a Kindle Basic (2019) for my daughter. It was a logical decision, she enjoys reading and also has the same 4th Gen Kindle model. With a habit of dropping things on occasion, the basic model seemed the best option seeing as it now includes a front-lit screen. It’s a great option for anyone on a tight budget, although the low pixel density was apparent immediately. Whether she would’ve noticed on her own I’m not sure. When I asked if she can see the text clearly there was a comment of the letters looking smudged. It was slight but noticeable. Similar to a fountain pen being applied to paper with the ink soak causing an unwanted blot.

Comparing the crisp and perfect letter quality of the Kindle Oasis was like a world apart. This was laser printer quality. The perfection of word display. This didn’t sit well with my daughter. She wanted the same experience on her kindle. I couldn’t blame her. If someone’s going to be reading a lot of books then the least they would want is the clarity of words. The basic Kindle is readable and not something of horrors but the upgrade to a Kindle Paperwhite isn’t bank-breaking and worth the extra cost.

Without further ado, I would like to present the WINNER and RECOMMENDED Kindle – the KINDLE PAPERWHITE.

I didn’t expect to be choosing the middle of the range product as the winner. In fact, I was and am still so excited about the premium Kindle Oasis model. It is reading perfection and truly impressive. The two issues which leave me unable to choose it are; the incredibly expensive cost, and inability to fit the product in a pocket. Without a bag to stow the Kindle you’d need to have another product to use for travel and spontaneous reading whilst venturing outdoors. The Kindle Oasis is already expensive enough, to require another product to use in unison is madness. Putting the cost into perspective you could buy two Kindle Paperwhites for the price of an Oasis!

It’s widely known about the cost differences etc. so it doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The big BUT though – is that the Paperwhite is actually a very good product and not something someone should simply dismiss and look past. The screen quality is just as sharp as the Oasis. Both have similar features including waterproofing. It’s comfortable to hold and practical both at home and outside. The Oasis does seem rather delicate and precious to use outside without a case. The beauty of it is in its naked original design. The joy of using it would be lost on covering it up.

The 7″ screen of the Oasis is something I’m reluctant to lose. Anyone that would have the opportunity to read on such an expansive screen will have a hard time adjusting to life on a smaller panel. The page-turning buttons are great and should’ve always been a mainstay on a Kindle product. Alas, for now, the Oasis is currently the only Kindle product featuring them.

The products I purchased were on the 5 monthly payment plans. The Kindle Basic is £14 p/m, Kindle Paperwhite £24 p/m & Kindle Oasis (8GB) £48 (32GB) £52. My heart wants to keep the Kindle Oasis as it is a product of immense beauty and an incredible reading experience from comfort, design, and engagement. But my head acknowledges that the cost is disproportionate to the uniqueness in comparison to the impressive Kindle Paperwhite. The limitations are profound for a product that can’t easily be taken along on a random moment outside. It’s a premium product for the select few who can afford such extravagance. At a more reasonable price-point, it could be considered a viable option but as it stands the Kindle Paperwhite is more than suitable for ALL readers, rich or poor, young or old.

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